Types of Political Surveys and Election Surveys Done by Us

We, Janta Ka Mood Political Research and Consultancy, are a political research oriented firm founded by published author Bhaskar Singh, IIT Kanpur alum with more than 8 years of active experience in the political consultancy landscape.

There are 2 types of survey and research

Quantitative Surveys and Research

The objective of quantitative survey and research is to cover mass population on a few questions and coming up with statistics of inclination towards one side or the other. The number of respondents are high and the number of questions in the survey are few between 4-8 questions. Some popular surveys in this category are voters caste survey, phone number collection survey, duplicate voters identification survey, voter registration drive survey, popular party, popular leader survey, party inclination survey, swing booth surveys and so on. Door to door survey, telephonic survey and online surveys are popular mediums of conducting the quantitative survey.

Qualitative Survey and research

The objective of qualitative survey and research is to gather and analyze information of certain categories of target population like lets say doctors, gram pradhans, anganwadi workers, etc. Here the questionnaire is a detailed questionnaire, and specialized teams are required to administer the survey. Qualitative surveys are majorly used for manifesto making, speech writing, policy making, micro targeted campaign designing for creating impactful influence.

Here are the different types of Data Collection and Survey Offered by us:➼ Door-To-Door election survey

➼ Influencers survey (Gram Pradhan Survey, Panchayat Samiti members survey, Administrative officials survey, public representative survey, ward councillor survey, anganwadi workers survey)
➼ Target Group Survey (Shopkeepers survey, Doctors survey, Unmarried females survey, Muslim survey, college students survey, school and college principals survey, first time voters survey, single voters survey)

➼ Focussed Group Discussions

➼ Political Vendors survey

➼ Online Survey

➼ GPIT (Patent Pending Technique) - Geographic Problem Identification Technology: Online area specific problem collection tool, no manpower required and simultaneously can be administered to different parts of the country. Focus is as close as 3km radius.

Qualitative Research, Survey and Data Collection (Quality Focus)

‣ Objective of the survey to be thoroughly analyzed
‣ Questionnaire developed by Survey Research Expert of the
Field to capture the objective
‣ More Questions (15-30)
‣ More Time per Respondent (45 mins- 1 hour)
‣ Few Respondents (100-500)
‣ Specialized and Experienced Surveyors with 5-8 years of survey experience

Quantitative Research, Survey and Data Collection (Quantity Focus)‣ 

‣ Survey designed by the team of experts to capture the exact objective of the client.
‣ Questionnaire created the experts to capture the objective
‣ Few Questions in the survey (4-8)
‣ Less time per respondent (15-25 mins)
‣ More respondents (3000-40000+)
‣ Skilled manpower for data collection with 2-3 years experience