Where can Political Call Center Be used:

  • For reaching out to the citizens in the constituency
  • For reach out to the volunteers and party workers
  • For conducting survey and collecting feedback
  • For updating information 
  • For coordinating between various nodal points 
  • For utilizing volunteers in the constituency

Benefits of a Political Call Center

  • A call center is any given day much more effective medium of reachout than physical reachout
  • During the COVID-19 crisis, calling does not involve any physical contact risk yet fulfills all the requirements
  • Call center facility is highly scalable 
  • Calls are recorded and can be used for training and audit purposes
  • Call center can be present at off site at cost effective locations


We, at Janta Ka Mood Political Research and Consultancy, have been extensively leveraging the benefits of political call centers and creating lasting impressions with our clients


Benefits of having Janta Ka Mood Political Call Center

  • JKM call centers have all experienced callers, in political domain
  • There is data integration at the backend
  • And many more


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