Fundraising in Political Domain

Fundraising is a very important aspect in the lifecycle of a politician or a social worker. Working in the public domain means undertaking a lot of public welfare activities, giving to the society. 

One must do a fundraising for the public projects, or contesting elections. 

Benefits of Fundraising

  • Free you to focus on the cause single mindedly
  • Eases the financial burden 
  • It also helps to understand society, and one’s well wishers circle better

Challenges in Fundraising

  • How can I ask for money?
  • What will others think about me?
  • Others will judge me as a loser. 
  • It will reveal my identity in front of others
  • Who will donate to me?
  • It will worsen my existing bond with friends, family and colleagues
  • What if the other person rejects? I don't want to fail
  • I have never done fundraising in the past, how should I start?
  • I don't know which platforms to use
  •  successful fundraising in the past. 

We, at Janta Ka Mood will help you step by step in travelling this path of fundraising in the political domain for contesting election. We have done

Fundraiser causes where we help our clients

  • Crowdsourcing for election campaigns
  • Crowdsourcing for moving into a public life
  • Crowdsourcing for a political cause
  • Crowdsourcing for a social cause
  • Crowdsourcing for entering into political life
  • Fundraising for starting a political party
  • Fundraising for your NGO/Trust

Our Successful fundraisers in the past

  • Crowdsourced funds and resources for Aam Aadmi Party during its inception days
  • Crowdsourced funds for Sukarma Foundation
  • Crowdsourced fund during COVID-19 crisis for helping the underprivileged families in rural and remote areas through District Magistrates and District Collectors
    • Crowdsourced funds for Kids in Leadership project

    Do reach out to us if you are interested in fundraising.