Election Campaign Budget

Contesting Elections are expensive affair in India. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much money should I have if I want to contest the election?
  2. How much money is spent in an MLA election, in an MP election, by the candidate?
  3. How much money is spent by the party?
  4. I want to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha election. Can you help me with the detailed election campaign expenditure planning along with the different heads of expenses, and campaigns?
  5. Election commission allows only 28 Lakhs expenditure for MLA election and 70 Lakh expenditure for MP election. How can I manage my election in this budget? Do contestants spend only this much money?
  6. How will I spend the money? How much in cash and how much in white?
  7. What if the election commission audits my election and finds out that I have overspent than the proposed limit! Will my candidature be cancelled?
  8. How rigid is the election commission on their prescribed election expenditure budget by individual candidates? How do they monitor?
  9. I am a software company owner. Can I plan to contest the election? When should I enter politics?
  10. What is an ideal occupation for a politician?


We, Janta Ka Mood Political Research and Consulting, specialize in election expenditure estimation in India. help you step by step answering these questions and many more related to your election campaign budget preparation and planning. 

If you don't plan your election finances well, you might peak at a wrong time in your election campaign and end up spending all the money and spoiling your election winning chances. It’s all a game of perception. 

Do seek expert guidance.