How Politicians Can Stay Visible and Relevant in an Increasingly Digital World

What are the pain points of Politicians and Political workers

  1. They are not getting a 360 degree view on the digital activity of their opponents
  2. Opponents- candidates from different parties in their area 
  3. Candidates and aspirants from the same party from their area 
  4. Influencers from their own area
  5. They are inactive or moderately active very less active during non election days due to which people start building perception that they are seasonal fish 
  6. They do not have financial bandwidth and budgets to run there digital profiles and social media pages actively during non election days 
  7. They have a team of volunteers but the team of volunteers is in in and non technical in handling there social media image profiles pages, 
  8. The social media volunteer is incompetent in handling all platforms and lacks desired skill set 
  9. There is no political training institute to train these volunteers with appropriate skills needed in political domain 
  10. Candidates have to compromise with sub-standard manpower and carry on his her activity with that man power only 
  11. Loyalists lack skills and skilled people are expensive
  12. There is no education oriented focused training program or workshop or Institute which constantly trains or update about the global tools and innovations around cutting edge research happening in in political domain campaign Technology
  13. Politicians have trust issues with new people 
  14. A lot of uncertainty around ticket distribution 
  15. It is true that there is a lot of uncertainty around ticket distribution but is still there are certain parameters which play a critical role in ticket distribution like the popularity of the candidate, fastest way to check the popularity of the candidate is his digital image, check his digital popularity 
  16. In this time of ever changing Technology and updating new tools candidates are unable to catch up with this fast system at this fast pace, their education is important. Education builds trust. Trust wins client
  17. Unable to catch up on Twitter, does not understand Twitter, feel blank when discussions happen around Twitter 
  18. Always want to be an influencer on Twitter but end up being a consumer on Twitter 
  19. Facebook profile page is not running up to the mark 
  20. See a lot of videos of other politicians and always want to have my own video but it looks that it is an expensive affair 
  21. Popularising myself on YouTube 
  22. Popularising myself on Facebook 
  23. Popularising myself on Twitter 
  24. How can I create my wikipedia page, how to update my wikipedia page
  25. People don't find me when they do Google search about me, my name does not come in the first google search result
  26. I want to remain visible to my voters 
  27. It is expensive to continue with election budgets during off election days 
  28. How do I know what my opponent is doing 
  29. How can I be the first one to know about any incident, issue, news update 
  30. What should be the exact journey towards political success
  31. What all I need to do in order to be an influential politician in coming future 
  32. I feel awkward to discuss that I want to be a politician with my friends and relatives 
  33. I feel I will be judged and laughed when I disclose to my friends and relatives and near and dear ones that I want to be a politician 
  34. Only a politician son can be a politician 
  35. My parents are politician but I do not have the self confidence that they have 
  36. I do not trust anyone and everyone 
  37. I was confident earlier but with the new emerging Technologies and tools I outdated, I am not able to match up to the current generation 
  38. How do I appear in news 
  39. Is there a way to popularity on a daily basis without spending a lot of money 
  40. Is there a way to know what people are thinking about me 
  41. I did xyz work but it did not reach to the public 
  42. How can I make my work reach to the public 
  43. What should be the minimum/ideal budget to sustain my digital branding during non election days
  44. I have lost my election now I am feeling disillusioned as to what should I do next

Announcing... 2 Day workshop on CAMPAIGN TECH MASTERY Workshop for Politicians and their core team

Benefits of the workshop? Why you should attend?

By the end of the workshop, you will know how to: 

- track every move of your competitor 

- increase your visibility from somewhere between 53% to 1200% 

- be visible to your audience for lifetime. solve the content problem for lifetime 

- you will have access to to the trending topics and trending news of influential people 

- exactly track your what kind of speeches are being like and what kind of speeches are light and what are disliked 

- connect with exactly your voters population and leave the rest

- be an influential voice on Twitter 

- be the first one to be informed about national and local development issues, news 

- Double the voter engagement from your target location (India or globally) from your Digital Marketing effort. Some politicians will effectively be able to plan triple, quadruple or 10x their results…

- Completely eliminate the activities that are draining your money. Plug all the holes in your digital marketing where you are leaking your hard-earned money.

- Learn the latest strategies and techniques that work right now and not what used to work in 2005 and no longer work.

- Spend just 4 hours per month to create or tweak your own digital marketing strategies and only 15 minutes per week to evaluate and check ROI of your activities.

- Spy on your competitors and understand what they are doing online.  

- You can completely destroy and flat-out bulldoze your competition.

- Hire just the right agency and make them deliver the results you truly deserve. No more fooling around! You shall have the right tools to evaluate your agency that shall make the incompetent agencies tremble in their pants. You will be in total control.

- Avoid all the costly online marketing mistakes which (almost) everyone else is making including your competitors.

- Put your entire online marketing on autopilot working 24 x 7 x 365. It shall work even while you are asleep or are on vacation and without even having to lift your finger.

- Target voters/population from geography of your choice locally, domestic, international.

- Build your voter acquisition strategy or Go To Market strategy for yourself.


Program Schedule

Day 1




Content Strategy

Market Research Gap Analysis And Stretegy evolution- assessing competitors digital presence

search engine marketing strategy

adwords + SEO

Building a solid on Demand content Generation Engine

Social Media Marketing: Linkedln Strategy                            

Social Media Marketing:Facebook Strategy

Who should attend this workshop?


MLA candidates, 

Candidates who have lost election, 

1 time contestant

2 time contestant 

Multiple time contestants 

Party candidates 

Independent candidates

Member of parliament 

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