Types of Political Surveys and Election Surveys Done by Us

This custom service tailor made came into existence from politicians’ requirements of mapping households based on their party preference, as core party voters or swing voters.

The goal of this mapping is to color code each family to the political party to which they are inclined towards. Something like this at polling booth,


                          Family wise Party/Leader preference of each household                                                                                                                One Time


▸Increase in Winning Margin
▸Very Beneficial in getting party ticket
▸Helpful in choosing the party to contest for an aspirant candidate
▸Sure Shot Vote Getting ▸Strategy
▸Micro management of Votes at Household level at each polling booths

Total Voters in Jaipur Rural Parliament: 19,41,117

48Jamwa Ramgarh209856

Total Families in Jaipur Rural Parliament: 3,25,833

AcNo AcNameEn Tot_Family Assembly Type
40 Kotputli 25545 Rural
41 VIRATNAGAR 26041 Rural
42 Shahpura 25047 Rural
44 Phulera 35193 Semi Rural
46 Jhotwara 104348 Urban
47 Amber 42854 Semi Urban
48 Jamwa Ramgarh 31024 Rural and ST(reserved)
63 Bansur 34902 Semi Rural

Summary of Party Wise Family Inclination Report

Summary of Number of Families with the following party affiliation at a Polling Booth

  BJP Congress BSP Swing Other Party Undeclared
PB No. xxx 37 26 5 67 0 27

Snapshot of Detailed Report Color Coded Families