UP: Vote Share of Key Parties in Last 4 Elections

Uttar Pradesh is undergoing one of the most interesting power battles till date. The bipolar fight of previous elections, is a quadrangular fight between the 4 key parties, namely BJP, BSP, SP and Congress. None, want to settle for second in the race. What does vote share data have to say on the upcoming UP elections of 2017?

Last 4 Elections of UP 2007
Vote Share
Vote Share
Vote Share
Vote Share
Vote Share
BJP 17.0% 17.5% 15.0% 42.3% ?
BSP 30.4% 27.4% 25.9% 19.6% ?
SP 25.4% 23.3% 29.1% 22.2% ?
Congress 8.6% 18.3% 11.7% 7.5% ?

In 2014 Lok Sabha elections, BJP bagged 71 seats and got an unprecedented high vote share of 42.3%. Their morale is quite high. But all the votes that Bharatiya Janata Party secured in 2014 are not part of it’s core vote bank, which was genrally around 16-18% in the past. Many voters, as high as 22%, voted for Narendra Modi as PM rather than to BJP in Lok Sabha 2014. How many of them will vote for UP BJP depends on a mixed bag of Modi’s performance and state campaigning. If BJP is able to retain 3/4 of its 2014 vote share, it will be forming govt in UP.

The vote share of Bahujan Samaj Party has been consistently declining in each consecutive election since 2007. How much it will pick up is to be witnessed. An interesting thing about BSP is that, they didn’t participate in the recently held by-polls in 2 seats of Uttar Pradesh. Mayawati’s idea was to conserve energy for the major upcoming battle of 2017 elections.

Samajwadi Party is currently in power in UP. They have maintained 1st or 2nd position be it state elections or national elections. Mulayam Singh Yadav is considered to be a master strategist in making politically favorable alliances with individuals and parties and obliging them with their due share.

Congress(INC), apart from once getting 18.3% vote share during 2009 Lok Sabha Elections, otherwise remain close to the benchmark of 10% votes. But the underdogs are emerging. Thanks to the campaign strategies of Prashant Kishor. He is successful in changing the status quo of Congress from a new panel party to the one conducting large numbers of public outreach programs.

All in all, close corners in Uttar Pradesh. What do you have to say?

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