GPIT (Patent Pending)

GPIT is the latest addition in Janta Ka Mood list of services. It is an online tool for local issue collection. We have filed a patent for the innovative process developed by our brilliant research team.

Features of GPIT (Patent Pending) vs Field Survey

GPIT (Patent Pending)Field Survey| On ground Survey 
Online Problem Collection ToolOn Ground Field Data Collection 
No manpower requiredManpower intensive activity
Local area problem collected upto 3km radius, area wise key problems (Quantitative Survey)Qualitative or Quantitative both
36-48 hours time to activate GPIT2 weeks time to launch a survey
Can be scaled in Pan India at immediatelyVery slow to scale
No manpower training required as no manpower involvedManpower training is a huge challenge
Cost wise almost same as Field SurveySame as GPIT


Benefits of GPIT (Patent Pending)

  • Local problem collection technology.
  • No human intervention for data collection, all automated, technology driven.
  • Omission of human errors/ bias during survey interaction.
  • Scalable & Laser focused at the same time.
  • Capability to reach desired demography with a high confidence level.
  • Rural/ Urban geographics can be reached simultaneously
  • Respondents are comfortable sharing their local problems keeping their identity anonymous, taking as much time as they want to share their problem in detail. (45.1 cr active internet users (figure on March 2019).
  • Respondents problems directly reaching to Politicians without filtering by Middleman.
  • Frequency of problems under difficult categories give an action item list with priority order of action.
  • GPIT (Patent Pending) based action shifts the image of politicians from an opportunity to a genuine caretaker in voters.
  • GPIT = Geographic Problem Identification Technology