Voter List Usage Related FAQs

Families can be clubbed using House numbers of each voters. At times, there are joint families. For these, the initials of House numbers are same, and prefixes added in the end differentiate them for different houses.

Voter list in Excel

Clubbing such houses would make sense for classifying them under similar demographic factors like caste and religion. This small step reduces ground survey efforts to do same exercise and in term reduces cost and time required for segregating entire voters in groups drastically. Eg. House No. 6 and House No. 6A could belong to a joint family. A relevant exercise to check.

If you need voter list of your area, you can get it here:

A small use of technology here and there is immensely helpful for candidates who are desirous of contesting seriously but don’t have huge funds to match their opponents.

Election Management

JANTA KA MOOD CONSULTING proposes to start a new initiative to bridge the gap between voters and political leader or political parties by start working with party workers at the grass-root level. Major objective of the project is to start target campaign to create a wave in favor of the client.

When elections are near then which all services should a leader prefer :-

  1. A leader may go for a Political Survey/Contituency Profiling and may take corrective steps based on the survey to improve his image and take care of strong and weak booths accordingly.
  2. A leader may then go for an Opinion poll/Exit poll to judge current mood of voters before elections and act accordingly.
  3. If leaders want to have rough analysis of their voters demographic like caste equation, age wise voters, ward wise voters then we also provide voter list managed in a Voter Management Software to them. Click here for more info.
  4. And finally to run a massive campaign and create a wave in this favour we offer following elections campaign management services.

Miscellaneous Services During Election Campaign Management :

  • Door to door Voter slip distribution
  • Door to door Pamphlets, badges and banners distribution as a part of promotion
  • Our services and methodology of Door to Door Promotions

The salient features of the project are as following:

1     Representative Initiatives to Keep in Touch with Specific Agenda

2    Bulk SMS – We will send bulk SMS to all the voters of the constituency as a part of campaign for the candidate or party to spread the message faster and targeted

3    Voice Call – Candidate voice would be recorded and then aired into voters.

4    War Room – War Room would be setup for the leader.

5    Tracking Opinion Poll – Opinion Poll will be tracked till last minute to judge the voters mood.

6    Mobilization of Party Workers – Part Workers would be mobilised

7    Call Center – Call Center would be set up.

8    Social Digital Media and e-Campaigning through web Profiling of the Leader

To get Detailed proposal of the services please contact our representatives.