Factors while deciding party ticket

How do I convince the party leadership that I am the most eligible candidate from this seat?

Am I eligible to get party ticket to contest election?

Am I eligible to get ticket to contest MLA election (assembly election or vidhan sabha election)? Am I eligible to contest MP election (parliamentary election)? Am I eligible to contest Counselor elction/ward election or local panchayat election

What do party leaders and top leadership see in a candidate while deciding whom to give tickets?

How does party leadership recognize me as the most eligible candidate from my seat?

What are the factors based on which ticket distribution is made?

I don’t have money. Why will the party leadership give me ticket?
What all I need to do to beat my opponents and win election?
I am new to political field. I want to be a leader. I want to contest election. How do I begin?

These are some of the common questions which cross our mind while we plan to contest election. To a larger extent, ticket distribution process is done by following certain guidelines by the party leadership keeping in mind the winability of the candidate from that particular seat which means how many votes will the candidate be getting when he will be contesting from that particular seat? Total number of votes casted in favour of a candidate is a sum of 2 key vote banks:

  1. Party vote bank
  2. Candidate vote bank

Sum of these 2 vote banks decide the winning chances in a constituency. Party vote bank is fixed. A candidate should prove himself as the major vote influencer in candidate vote bank category compared to other aspirants. If he is able to convince the party leadership over his vote bank, he gets the ticket.

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