How to maximize Voter List usage from 20% to 100%

Voter information is the most vital information for any aspiring candidate in an election. Voter List/Electoral Roll released by Election Commission gives all the information on voters of that area. Election Commission provides the voter list in pdf format. This voter list pdf is mostly used by the candidates for election management in their constituencies. Current usage of voter list is for these specific cases like last days voter slip circulation and on the voting day, educating voters of their serial number in voter list.

Researching extensively on voter list over time, we want to share with you that if you are using voter list in above ways then you are using it only 20% of its potential. Voter list is a very powerful planning tool and can bring real difference in all your approach and execution once you start using it 100%. Whatever your current expenditure is in contesting election would reduce at least 30-40% with superior productivity, more granular level of targeting and reach-out to the voters. Here’s is how?

Voter list in Excel
Voter list in Excel

Some Basic Advantages to having Voter List in Excel over having Voter List in pdf

  1. Searching a voter with his name, voter id, sex, house number all is a 2 minutes affair in an excel voter list but a 20-30 minutes affair in a pdf voter list
  2. Families can be grouped together giving number of voters in each family using excel but not possible with pdf
  3. Each family head can be highlighted and segregated using voter list in excel, which is not possible using voter list pdf
  4. It is possible to get the caste or religion segregation of different voters using the name analysis in excel which is not possible with pdf
  5. Even if an individual voter does not have a surname but any family member’s demographic categorization is there, entire family can be categorized based on that, which is obviously not possible with pdf
  6. As a public representative, our interest is to keep a record of our supporters, which can be entered in the excel by adding a new column, not possible with pdf
  7. Phone numbers can be added in excel, not possible with pdf
  8. Any information related to the individual, family, group, community can be added in excel, definitely not possible with pdf
  9. Different kinds of categorization and visualization is possible using excel, not possible with pdf
  10. Voters summary giving the macro picture on each parameter like number of households, average number of voters in each household, families with 4+ voters, 3 voters all of this is possible using excel which is not possible using pdf

Many advanced level insights are also possible once we start using our electoral roll in excel which we will discuss later.

If you want voter list for your area, you can get it here:

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