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Our company, JANTA KA MOOD CONSULTING, provides Voter Information Management System (VIMS), and currently has operations all over India. We have a varied client base consisting of Political parties as well as individual MP’s, MLA’s and aspirants. Instead of promising a hypothetical winning formula we equip our clients with tools and services to manage their day to day activities and help them in thorough and meticulous preparation for elections. This approach enables them to get a crystal clear picture of their own strengths to be consolidated further and weaknesses to be improved upon.

Team: Our team consists of graduates and post-graduates from IIT Kanpur for the software development, and analytical work, post-graduates, and PhDs. to manage the political, social and economic research work, postgraduates from leading colleges of MCA to manage the database collected from the field, and data collection is done by the people graduated from leading institutes of Mass Communication and Political Science. We have already served more than 1500 clients that include national Parties, individual candidates and small regional parties all over India assembly, parliamentary and municipal corporation elections.

A Brief Description About Our Services (For Detailed Service Proposal Please contact below-mentioned contact information)

Political Research Services:

1> Demographic Research

Our research and surveys mainly focus on following parameters for Constituency Profiling Finding micro and macro issues which can influence elections Image of present leader and assessing satisfaction level Opinion poll to know voter’s mood Collecting contact numbers of influential people at booth level  Caste equation and their voting pattern Vote share in favour of our client Expectations of people from an ideal candidate

2> Opinion and Exit polls

It evaluates the present public preference of all the given candidates Its feedback predicts most suitable candidate for the region It determines caste-wise poling distribution Identifies effective media sources which are most influential for voters Preferred ministerial candidates at state and national level

3> Issues & Trends 

Identifying micro and macro level issues can help determine and further redirect public opinion. Issues like inflation, unemployment, electricity and other macro level concerns are determined and arranged in a priority list according to poll. These can be main focus points for manifesto, speeches, publicity banners and bills.

Election management Services:

4> Door-to-door Mass Campaign

Specially customized surveys for collecting valid contact information of voters, to know voter’s mood and ensuring wide reach of the candidate. It also helps determine candidate’s caste equation and further formulate steps to ensure winning. Influential people of a constituency are determined and their contact information is collected. It also includes mass appeal for the candidate.  In JANTA KA MOOD, we can tell from our experience of working with more than 1000 clients that these customized surveys have proved to be the most effective way for mass reach. This kind of campaigning will boost candidate’s popularity and influence voters in favour. We ensure candidate’s success by extensive research of the data collected. This data and research work holds its validity and exclusivity for our client only. No sharing and publication of such data occurs from our side.

5> At Bulk SMS and IVR Calls

With more than 90 crore users in India, mobile phones have their presence in nearly every household. In JANTA KA MOOD, we try and maximise its usage in our campaigning by inculcating modern equipment and facilities. JANTA KA MOOD collects mobile numbers of voters through door-to-door campaigning and then reaching out to them on regular basis using Bulk SMSing and In-Voice calls. This way of promotion has proved to be an economical and effective way for reaching mass voters.

6> Social Digital Media and e-Campaigning

Social Digital Media is about changing the preferences of the common masses and understanding their mindsets. Nowadays internet has penetrated to a very large extent amongst the common people and now using the same they are raising their voices for a cause related to governance and issues which have impact in their life. Internet is proving to be a powerful potential motor to drive social progress. It can be a quick, easy and economical way to reach targeted masses. E-campaigning can enhance the chances to reach the campaign goal if effective techniques and tools are chosen to reach the audience. To monitor progress, different technical solutions are available, such as counting and tracking “hits” on web-sites; running short internet polls with audiences, gathering and publishing their feed-back. Our method of utilising this important source involves passive and active tools to ensure targeted campaigning. Users receive information via e-mail or by consulting a website is a passive way of internet presence. An active way involves commenting and posting on websites and blogs and social networking (such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.)

7> War Room:

A dedicated team of experts will observe the overall election campaign process and will make a note of each development They will also track print media and electronic and digital media. This team of experts will then strategies and formulate steps for further recommendations in campaigning. This effective service for even a short period of 30 days puts the odds in client’s favour. This team wholeheartedly handles the campaign management which results in creating a wave of popularity for the client.

Focus areas:

— Monitoring day to day movement and campaign activity for the client

— Developing strategies for effective outcome

— Planning and management of the whole campaign

— Social media management and Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

We can also start E-CAMPAIGN as soon as possible with the help of emails, websites, blogs and SMSes to influence those who are opinion makers:

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