Punjab ka Mood: Opinion Poll by Janta Ka Mood

Hardly 75 days left when the fate of bigwigs from Punjab will be sealed under the EVMs. Campaigns are in full swing and politicians are pushing their limits to get the attention of voters. We conducted telephonic surveys to know the mood of voters.

Survey included 3700 eligible voters from Punjab. Their choices and preferences were asked through telephonic interview. Survey was designed such that false and faulty replies can be filtered. The participants were selected taking into account the diversities of political choices. Diversity of population with respect to region, religion, age, caste, community etc were taken into account.

Instead of seats distribution, we tried to know the pulse of Punjab voters as a whole. Following are some findings:

Preference of voters in this political Dangal:



Preference of voters of different age groups:

Gender Wise Distribution of preference:

Region wise preference of Voters:


While our survey clearly gave an edge to AAP compared to other political parties, Congress is giving a tough competition. Clear majority for any political party will not be possible as per the current trends shown in survey. Few of the undertakings from the survey can be:

  • Voters are not happy with Akalis. Anti incumbency is playing a crucial role but in situation of hung assembly, they will definitely be the king makers.
  • Youth voters are specifically attracted toward AAP for their agenda of clean and developmental politics.
  • While Majha region showing to be stronghold of Congress. AAP is leading in all other divisions, followed up closely by Congress.



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